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Mason Basketball Attendance Up From Last Season

crowd george mason basketball

Photo by Craig Bisacre/Creative Services/George Mason University

The 2015-2016 NCAA Basketball attendance numbers are out and Mason did pretty well all things considered. Last year, we evaluated the numbers and saw a 17% drop from the 2013-2014 season, but this year things are looking up.

George Mason basketball’s overall total attendance in 15 games, the same number of games as last year, increased by 5.3% from 61,237 to 64,506. This brought our average attendance up from 4,082 to 4,300 per game.

Mason is on the positive side of the A-10 when it comes to average attendance numbers — seeing an overall increase in attendance. Seeing the new talent coming in this year and the schedule that is being put together for the 2016-2017 season, these numbers should continue to go up.

School2015 Average2016 Average% Change
U Mass45533365-26.1%
Rhode Island54044717-12.7%
Saint Louis70326757-3.9%
Saint Joes37793921+3.7%
St. Bonaventure38894040+3.9%
George Mason40824300+5.3%
La Salle21582492+15.5%

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