Mason Game Day

#MasonGameDay: George Mason vs Ole Miss [Charleston Classic]

Thursday, 11/19/2015, 12:00pm

Where: TD Arena (Charleston, SC – Charleston Classic)

Dress Code: N/A (AWAY GAME)

Bars: Bar information for those traveling here


Online Streaming: ESPN3 (Free to stream on College Campuses / Military Bases)

Ole Miss comes off three wins including one exhibition game against Clayton State, a division II school from Georgia. George Mason and Ole Miss will open the Charleston Classic.

Player(s) To Look Out For:

#11, Sebastian Saiz
Sebastian has been a key player for the Rebels; scoring an average 20 points in their last two games and is also 80% from the free throw line. Mason cannot afford to foul Sebastian and will have to stop him from scoring from inside the paint since he hasn’t shot too much from the outside and is 0-2 in 3pters this season.

#42, Stefan Moody
Stefan isn’t as accurate as Sebastian but he can set up a lot of opportunities for himself to get those points. As the lead scorer for the Rebels, Moody is scoring an average 26 points a game, is 87% from the FTL and makes one of every three shots from outside the arc. Although he is a lead scorer, he also leads his team in turnovers which hopefully Mason can use to their advantage.

Wild Cards:

#12, Tomasz Gielo

The biggest guy on the Rebel’s roster. As a senior transfer from Liberty, Tomasz can bring a lot of experience and size to the Rebels. During his time at Liberty, he hit a career high of 11 rebounds and has developed decent shot percentages (46.4% FG, 40.4% 3Pt, 70.5% FT). His transition from Liberty to Ole Miss has been a slow one, but the skill is there.

#5, Marcanvis Hymon

Hymon is a 6-7 216 lb redshirt freshman who averages 4 rebounds a game and could help the Rebels in the backcourt. Although he isn’t the leader in rebounds on the team, a position also held by #11 Sebastian, and nothing much is expected from him he could very well become a wild card tomorrow.

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