Hello Mason Nation! All the chalk talk this week is from the Davidson game. If I can find a recording of homecoming, that game might find its way onto next week’s breakdown. Let’s get to some stats and notes first. The bench scored 14 points combined in the St. Louis, La Salle, and Davidson games, in which Karmari Newman was suspended and Ian Boyd was suspended for two of the three. The starters scored 231 points in that stretch, or about 94% of our total scoring. The bench was good for 9 points between Karmari and Troy Temara against Fordham. This will hopefully get a little better now that Boyd’s suspension is over and we’re back to full strength, but the lack of bench production really lowers this team’s ceiling. We’ll need more productive and consistent bench contributions if we’re going to make a run in the A10 tournament. Consistent…Continue Reading
Happy Friday! It’s time to check back in on the A10 Player of the Year race. To read my primer on these rankings, click here. If you’re not going to take the bait and give me a click, here’s what we’re trying to do: – Rank A10 POY candidates in the order I currently have them, not to predict who wins what – I heavily favor usage, workload, and efficiency – I’m looking at conference only stats. Why? No reason. My rankings, my rules. – I use PPFGA (points per field goal attempt) instead of TS% of eFG%. PPFGA answers the question you really want to ask, i.e. how many points does a guy score every time he uses a shot attempt? – I’m not trying to be contrarian, but the numbers I’m using will sometimes yield different results than what some other people have. That’s a good thing! There’s…Continue Reading
Stats first today, then chalk talk afterward. Here we go! Stats Congratulations to my man Otis Livingston II for his A10 Player of the Week award. Here’s his combined stat line against St. Louis and La Salle: 48 points on 20 FGA (that’s crazy), 7 rebounds, 5 assists, 1 steal Otis shot 8/10 from three combined in both games as well. He very nearly carried the team to victory in his career game against St. Louis – here’s a depressing split from the game: Otis – 29 points on 15 shots Rest of team – 45 points on 42 shots Some other notes: Marquise, Otis, Jaire, and Jalen combined for 85 of the team’s 95 points against La Salle. We can’t count on that every night, which is why I’m very worried about missing Karmari for one more game and Boyd for two. The contributions from the bench are already…Continue Reading
Welcome! We’re going to keep tabs on the A10 Player of the Year race every Friday here through the rest of the season. Per usual, this entry will have a bunch of numbers and random stuff. A couple other things you should know: I’m looking at conference play numbers only. The criteria for rankings is mostly in my head, but I’ll heavily favor a combination of efficiency, workload, and defensive production. I’ve got some stat quirks. I like points per field goal attempt (PPFGA) better than true shooting % or effective field goal %. It’s much easier to understand and cuts right to the heart of the matter – how many points does the guy produce every time he uses a shot attempt? You can argue this is more important than any other measure of shooting. I’ll mention other shooting percentages if they’re interesting or illustrative, but PPFGA is a…Continue Reading
By: Bryan Lawrence Energy, something Dave Paulsen does not lack. You’ve probably seen DP scream at a Referee, dance up and down the coaches box or kick the scorers table. Most applaud these actions. It’s refreshing to witness his enthusiasm. He applies this intensity to practice as well. I have only seen two practices so far but it’s clear that he demands attention. There is no reason to miss a rep and if a player is caught in la la land, they will get called out. For as much yelling as I’ve heard him do, he’s also showed a patient approach. He stays calm in teachable moments and explains what he wants done and why. Engagement, effort and improvement appear to be important within every practice. Practices are filled with individual competitions and managers can be seen keeping stats or point totals. This resonates with me as this is how…Continue Reading
One home loss and one road win this week. Let’s get right to it, shall we? All of the film breakdown comes from the GW game this week because I can’t find a replay of the UMass game online. You’re getting what you’re paying for! Also, we’re moving into the year 2008 by using gifs instead of pictures. As always, I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments: Chalk Talk Let’s start with the bad stuff. GW’s length killed us in a lot of ways. To me, the story of the game was how hopeless we looked on defense, rarely getting stops and almost never stringing two or more together. We switched our smallest guards onto GW’s bigs without much resistance, and I don’t totally understand why. Here’s a gif from GW’s first possession of the game. You can see GW’s Cavanaugh, guarded by Jaire, comes up to set…Continue Reading
Squishing the Spiders By: Pete Buckets With just the one game this week, the breakdown is a little shorter. Since the one game was a road win against the first place team, the breakdown is a little happier too! Also, more pictures and fewer stats, since the numbers we reviewed last time haven’t changed. Let’s get started. Jalen had a fantastic first half. On the first possession of the game he backs Cline down far enough to where Otis’s man comes off to help (red arrow). Jalen delivers this pass right to Otis’s chest and Otis cans a wide-open three: A few possessions later, Cline plays off Jalen and concedes the jumper. Jalen hits the jumper: Here’s my favorite play of the game. A little bit of luck and a little bit of smarts lead to a wide-open three. Marquise brings the ball up. You can see Otis setting a…Continue Reading