Q&A with Greg Calixte – 1. Why did you choose Mason? Calixte – I chose Mason because as soon as I stepped on campus I felt like I was apart of a family. From the coaching staff, to the players, to even some of the students. Everyone welcomed me, accepted me, and made me feel at home which was huge! Also, the tremendous effort from Coach Paulsen and Coach Kelly, they have a plan for me and my future at George Mason. 2. Do you see yourself making an immediate impact? Calixte – Yes, I do see myself as an impact player. Ever since Coach Paulsen starting watching me, he told me he sees me getting big minutes as a freshman. But Of course nothing is guaranteed or promised, I will have to go in there and work as hard as everyone else to earn my minutes. 3. What is…Continue Reading
Hello Mason Nation! All the chalk talk this week is from the VCU game. I’m always up for arguing basketball so leave a comment below or follow me on twitter (@peteybuckets) and we can have words. Due to the disjointed viewing experience (thanks, MASN) there’s some stuff I wanted to highlight but don’t have on tape. Before we get to the good stuff there are a few things I want to talk about: – Otis Livingston II has an outside shot at 2,000 career points. He’s already at 825 career points, which means he likely hits 1,000 in the OOC portion of next season. I did the math, and if we conservatively assume he has 65 games left in his career, here’s what he needs to average to hit different point thresholds: o 14 points per game: 1,735 career points o 16 points per game: 1,865 career points o 18…Continue Reading
Happy Friday! There was no post last week due to me being out of town. Click here to see what it looked like two weeks ago. Yes, I’m reusing the Marquise gif as the header because it’s awesome. Let’s get to it right now: THE FAVORITE: Jaylen Adams, St. Bonaventure 19.2 points, 3.7 rebounds, 6.5 assists, 2.1 steals, 0.1 blocks 22.5 PER, 27.2% USG, 1.52 PPFGA I’ve spoken my peace on Jaylen in previous posts, so I want to point out something interesting – his shooting percentage is really bad (38.6% from the floor, 47.4% eFG) but he gets to the free throw line so much it doesn’t matter. He’s shooting 9.1 free throws per game in conference and hitting about 80% of them, so he still scores at a very efficient rate compared to the number of shots he takes. SO CLOSE: Marquise Moore, George Mason 16.9 points, 9.9…Continue Reading