George Mason Basketball Practice Facility

The Virginia General Assembly has approved SB30 C-8.1 #2s, a budget amendment that will allow Mason’s use of Non-General Fund money towards building the practice facility and related projects.

“This amendment provides $15.5 million NGF the first year from donor raised funds to construct a Basketball Training, Wrestling and Athlete Academic Support Center. Athletic fees will not be raised to support this new facility.”

This will allow Mason to begin fundraising for the $15.5 million project. Mason will not be able to technically do so until July 1st, 2016 according to George Mason’s Office of State Government Relations.

The amendment was presented by and pushed by State Senator Peterson (34th District of Virginia), a long time supporter of George Mason University and a Mason Basketball fan.

SB30 C-8.1 #2s – New Construction: Construct Basketball Training, Wrestling and Athlete Academic Support Center [PDF]

Athletics is currently planning out a fundraising strategy. We will have more information about fundraising efforts soon. In the meantime, get those checkbooks ready.

OTHER INFO/UPDATE: The practice facility’s sketches were designed by VMDO, an architecture firm behind UVA, VCU’s practice facilities and other future Mason facility upgrades.